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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein is a small doubly-landlocked nation at the heart of Europe, a principality and constitutional monarchy that lies on the border between Switzerland and Austria and is primarily known for its strong financial sector.

Liechtenstein is also a young blonde woman, gentle and unassuming, who dotes on her adopted older brother and is content to live a quiet life as long as everyone seems to be getting along.

It's a bit complicated...but history's a bit complicated, too.

Character Notes

Liechtenstein is from Hidekaz Himaruya's manga and anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers. To all outward appearances she is a short and slender young woman in her early to mid-teens, with chin-length blonde hair held back from her face with a blue ribbon. Her personality is sweet and friendly, if somewhat shy, in contrast to the brusque and antisocial Switzerland ([personal profile] helvetian). (Switzerland, it should be noted, is highly protective of her -- Liechtenstein does not have an army, so he is in charge of her defence, and he takes this duty extremely seriously.)

This is a RP character journal played by [personal profile] gramarye1971.
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