rheintochter: Liechtenstein wearing a small crown and a robe (canon art) (Principality)
2013-09-06 12:04 am

[PFSB] Liechtenstein-Enjolras

September is a quiet month at home for a nation as small as Liechtenstein. No elections, no particular public events, nothing major for which her boss might need her presence. The summer hikers have gone home; the winter skiers won't arrive for a few months yet. Most of Europe is back at work after the easier days of August. And as nearly all of her friends and family have far busier schedules than she does, she doesn't feel a hint of guilt for slipping away for a quiet hour or two at the bar.

Which is not to say that she doesn't keep occupied with work. In her sewing basket are several of her socks and stockings that need either darning or reinforcing. She has an armchair a slight distance from the fire, and with her sewing and a light snack of a sliced apple and tea, she almost seems to radiate a sense of industrious domesticity amidst the bustle of the bar.

(She may be keeping an eye out for someone. It's hard to tell, because at the moment she seems to be wholly occupied in repairing a worn-down heel.)