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'Not entirely?' There's just enough lilt in her voice to turn the statement into a question, though she doesn't sound very unsure of herself. 'Though that's a big part of it, the world and the choices. Especially if you've seen people who have passion but haven't been able to make good choices with it, or who have been hurt because of it.'

She has seen, for instance, how Germany still cannot quite keep himself from flinching when confronted with patriotic sentiments that other nations might find innocuous. His case is an extreme one, but she could name others that share similar roots.

'I've often thought of it like fire.' She holds up her hands, cupped together; though her palms and fingers are not as work-roughened as they once were, they are not the soft hands of a pampered young lady. 'If you know how to handle a fire, it's strong and warm and bright, and you can do all sorts of good and useful things with it. But if you aren't careful with it, or handle it the wrong way even for a second, it can burn you, or even destroy whatever you were most trying to keep safe.' She lets her hands fall back into her lap. 'That might not be the best way of looking at it, but it's something that I know can happen. So even though I admire those who want to do their best with the fire, I have at least a little sympathy for those who don't.'

This is a long speech for her, which may explain why she looks a little tired after saying it.
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