Date: 2013-09-11 05:32 am (UTC)
pro_patria_mortuus: Enjolras in profile, head bowed, rifle in hand. (marble lover of liberty)
The brother is far more of a scholar than the sister. Well, that's only as he expected; it's nothing new. Women who educate themselves in history are rare, and families which give their daughters that education preemptively are rarer.

For some, ignorance is tragedy, or the mewing of a mind which might otherwise seek horizons; Enjolras is distantly aware of that fact, but it's never been his foremost concern. Most women are content with love, frivolity, domesticity, husbands and children.

None of these matters are of any interest to Enjolras.

Still. He has no cause yet to be rude. She's done nothing improper, here in the public space of a café, and she's the sister of an intelligent man to whom Enjolras has cause to be grateful.

"If you wish," he says, courteous over internal and mostly hidden reluctance.

It's nothing against Liechtenstein. The trouble is merely that Enjolras has little experience of young women who are neither flirtatious (with or without true intent) nor expecting him or his companions to be so. She's done nothing of the sort so far, but he doesn't wish to give a misleading impression.

"I confess, however: if your brother told you of my nation's history, I am unsure what further information you would need to understand my joy."

Certain truths are self-evident to Enjolras. His perspective is quite specific, like a man who sees the world always from the top of the same hill.
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