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OOC: Character notes and player contact information

1. Unless otherwise specified, Liechtenstein comes from the present day. Alternative versions are pre-World War II Liechtenstein, who wears her hair long and done up in two plaits, and wartime Liechtenstein, who has short hair and wears a dark green uniform much like Switzerland's.

2. If you are from an Earth-based world, she will have a vague sense of which nation you might belong to, whether by birth or adoption. The more your Earth-world deviates from her own (e.g., the presence of magic, differences in national borders, various post-apocalyptic scenarios), the more difficult it will be for her to 'place' you.

3. Unlike Switzerland, she isn't armed at all times. This is not to say that she is unfamiliar with weapons, but since he is in charge of her defence she generally leaves it up to him.

Name: Gramarye
DW: gramarye1971
E-mail: gramarye1971 [at] gmail.com

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